Antique furniture
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European antique furniture from Latvia

We provide with wide variety of armoires, chests, bookcases, beds, tables, chests, drawers, cupboards, wine cabinets and other. All of our furniture is made made between 1800 - 1940. Sometimes we have items which are made before 1800. Although we focus on wholesaling, we also do retail sales. Take a look at our sample catalogue. we sell high quality antique furniture. We are based in the Vilkene pagasts, Latvia. We offer hand-made furniture constructed from massive Baltic Pine wood. The average age for furniture varies from 100 years and older. In most cases furniture was built using 2-3 cm thick pine wood of exclusive quality and texture. All furniture is fortified with wood plugs and nails are never used. The country primitive furniture was assembled as one solid unit . Each piece in collection has nice details such as enhanced elegant door panels, different shape cornices, casted iron locs, original hinges and hardware. We also do original painting.


It is a result of 7 years to gather our unique collection of rare country - style antique furniture. The collection consists of simple lines to richly decorated and painted. Each piece represents exquisite details and style. Our professional restoration team utilizes authentic, historically precise craftsman techniques, quality going back more than 200 years. Each collection item has it's own very distinctive style, history and character. Partial collection is available in our online catalogue. We restore and reproduce antique furniture to the highest standards, using original materials including 100 year old recovered wood planks and timbers, providing quality european furniture collected in Latvia.

European antiques (from Latvia).

ARMOIRES, DRESSERS, CHESTS, DRAWERS. Our scouts enthusiastically roam the countryside in search of antiquated furniture and exclusive accessories. They stop in old country villas, talk to the locals to acquire leads in the neverending hunt for the right pieces. Depending on the condition of the furniture, they might go through several metamorphoses. An example: our decorated, Armoires, wardrobes. Accomplished local artists, directed by our own Art-Mentor, create all the designs and final decorated works. Custom decorating of furniture is available upon request. We often convert the use of these Armoires to function as an entertainment center, computer workstation or perhaps our custom interior request. Pieces are finished with a durable natural "Beeswax Compound" and buffed to reveal and beautify the original colors and shades of the wood. Custom furniture avialable upon request. antique sweden dressers.